KHS - Animated Christmas Mailing

KHS is one of the world's leading packaging producers. Together with the nice people of BUTTER we came up with this animated Christmas-card.

Client: KHS Packaging
Agency: Butter
Art Direction, Design, Compositing: Luis F. Masallera // Robokid
Music: Erich Lesovsky

SDP "Freitag auf Montag" - Music Video

Musicvideo for SDP & Sido. We used a collage technique and a lot of spit and good will to make this baby live...

Concept and direction: Alex
Art direction: Luis
Animation: Alex, Carolina Buzio
Illustration: Roland, Luis, David Leutert and Carolina Buzio
Additional work: Martina


Animation Assets:

Integration Zürich - TV Spot

Animation Studio: Bitteschö
Production Studio: Pumpkin Film
My Credit: Design

A while ago the canton Zürich in Switzerland launched a campaign aimed towards better integration of migrants. The campaign consists mainly of posters, showing inhabitants of the region with testimonials, painted in acrylics. You can have a look at them on

We were hired by Pumpkin Film to create a TV-/Cinema-Spot with animated Versions of the Posters in the same painterly style. It was an interesting challenge to come up with the workflow, that gave us the desired look.

Maya & Bonsai - Cartoon Trailer

Produced at Dyrdee Media
Credit: Background Design

The nice guys from Dyrdee Media hired me to do the design for the background of their in-house produced cartoon "Maya & Bonsai".


The whole (huge) thing:


This one is from the early stages of the design process, when we didn't have the style figured out yet:

Retrocycling Robot

Animation: Sebastian Baptista
Design: Robokid
Sound: Erich Lesovsky

"The Retrocycling Robot is a new system for recycling garbage. Instead of reusing trash to create something new, the robot returns rubbish to its original state, thus curtailing pollution and unnecessary consumption. As a result, the Retrorecycling robot not only cleans your mess but also teaches you not to pollute or over-consume. Be advised: if you don’t understand this concept you too could be returned to your original state!"

This animation was made as a contribution to Challengeyourworld, where creatives present how their approaches towards the world's environmental problems.

Those interested in animation can make their own animation with the little robot from the video. You can download the AEP file (After FX CS3) here.

Entreculturas - TV-Spot

Produced at
Credit: Design

This was a really interesting job for Entreculturas against using kids as child soldiers. After i had done the styleframes and the characterdesigns, the spot was traditionally handdrawn on paper. This has been projected to a chalkboard and rotoscoped frame by frame. The final animation is really drawn on chalkboard, no CGI.