KBV - Flyer

Ressourcenmangel commisioned me to illustrate a flyer, that was part of a campaign for KBV, which basically is the german union of all non-private doctors.
The flyer's aim ist to inform young doctors how KBV helps them running public doctor's offices, instead of going private, which currently is quite a big deal in germany.

I did the illustrations, they did the layout.

The European #8 - Editorial Illustration

I started doing Editorial-Illustrations for The European.

It is a really nice debate magazine. Every Issue has a topic, and around 40 varying authors write articles for every issue. While most printed magazines are slowly transitioning to the digital realms, The European is doing the exact opposite. Having started digital-only five years ago, this is the 8th printed edition. 

I will be doing around 7 collages for each quarterly released edition . Art direction and layout is done by The Green Eyl and Alexandra Bald.
After coming up with a more conservative approach in the beginning, they pushed me to this weirder and more expressive style, done in a collage technique. I couldn't believe the client would approve this bold style, but they were really happy with it in the end. :) 

Pagan Endboss - Collage

A videogame collage endboss, made up mostly of elements photographed during a sunday walk. The lower one is my current wallpaper.

KHS - Animated Christmas Mailing

KHS is one of the world's leading packaging producers. Together with the nice people of BUTTER we came up with this animated Christmas-card.

Client: KHS Packaging
Agency: Butter
Art Direction, Design, Compositing: Luis F. Masallera // Robokid
Music: Erich Lesovsky

Aspirin - Styleframe Pitch

Styleframe commissioned by Infected for a motion graphic video, in which the graffitis would be moving along the wall.
It's Photoshop only and reminded me of those old days way back.

SDP "Freitag auf Montag" - Music Video

Musicvideo for SDP & Sido. We used a collage technique and a lot of spit and good will to make this baby live...

Concept and direction: Alex
Art direction: Luis
Animation: Alex, Carolina Buzio
Illustration: Roland, Luis, David Leutert and Carolina Buzio
Additional work: Martina


Animation Assets:

Integration Zürich - TV Spot

Animation Studio: Bitteschön.tv
Production Studio: Pumpkin Film
My Credit: Design

A while ago the canton Zürich in Switzerland launched a campaign aimed towards better integration of migrants. The campaign consists mainly of posters, showing inhabitants of the region with testimonials, painted in acrylics. You can have a look at them on neu-in-zuerich.ch.

We were hired by Pumpkin Film to create a TV-/Cinema-Spot with animated Versions of the Posters in the same painterly style. It was an interesting challenge to come up with the workflow, that gave us the desired look.