Pagan Endboss - Collage

A videogame collage endboss, made up mostly of elements photographed during a sunday walk. The lower one is my current wallpaper.

KHS - Animated Christmas Mailing

KHS is one of the world's leading packaging producers. Together with the nice people of BUTTER we came up with this animated Christmas-card.

Client: KHS Packaging
Agency: Butter
Art Direction, Design, Compositing: Luis F. Masallera // Robokid
Music: Erich Lesovsky

Aspirin - Styleframe Pitch

Styleframe commissioned by Infected for a motion graphic video, in which the graffitis would be moving along the wall.
It's Photoshop only and reminded me of those old days way back.

SDP "Freitag auf Montag" - Music Video

Musicvideo for SDP & Sido. We used a collage technique and a lot of spit and good will to make this baby live...

Concept and direction: Alex
Art direction: Luis
Animation: Alex, Carolina Buzio
Illustration: Roland, Luis, David Leutert and Carolina Buzio
Additional work: Martina


Animation Assets:

Integration Zürich - TV Spot

Animation Studio: Bitteschö
Production Studio: Pumpkin Film
My Credit: Design

A while ago the canton Zürich in Switzerland launched a campaign aimed towards better integration of migrants. The campaign consists mainly of posters, showing inhabitants of the region with testimonials, painted in acrylics. You can have a look at them on

We were hired by Pumpkin Film to create a TV-/Cinema-Spot with animated Versions of the Posters in the same painterly style. It was an interesting challenge to come up with the workflow, that gave us the desired look.

Arms & Legs - Cover Artwork

Cover artwork for my good friends at Arms & Legs.

The (obvious) concept is to keep the same shape of a hand and a foot on every vinyl. While the shape can only be changed a little, the subject is always related to the Album.

It helps a lot in terms of recognition, and it's a nice challenge to come up with something new each time.

Check out their Soundcloud Account: